A versatile director with a passion for authentic, cinematic narratives and an intuitive eye for visual storytelling. He grew up in Burlington, Vermont and his early exposure to cinema was limited to his family’s Betamax collection: Footloose, Mannequin and Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom, which may explain his love of idiosyncratic characters and dancing. It was not until his high school A/V teacher screened the work of directors like Werner Herzog, Terry Gilliam and Errol Morris that he fell in love with the medium, leading him to study film at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Fresh out of college, Alec moved to New York and cut his teeth as a PA in order to fund his directing reel. An unexpected break came when a spec ad for the original iPhone went viral, crashing his website and attracting the attention of top agencies and production companies. Since then, he has helmed spots for such top brands as AT&T, Budweiser, Visa, General Electric, Depend, USAID and Benjamin Moore. His work for Benjamin Moore went on to win an Integrated Lion Award at Cannes Lions and a Titanium Award. Alec also has experience directing in-house for agencies including Anomaly, The Martin Agency, MRY and Barbarian Group, and production companies such as Element in Boston, Good Fight in Washington D.C., and Vice and Rabbit in New York.

Whether it’s a scripted project or a documentary, Alec loves telling visually-driven narratives filled with rich characters. He finds that people are the most interesting when they can be themselves and he has developed a knack for getting them to that level. He enjoys the exploratory nature of filmmaking and believes that the heart of most spots is in the space between the boards. He prefers to take on a collaborative approach and guide projects from inception to completion, leveraging his editing experience to remain heavily involved throughout the editorial process.

Most recently, Alec spent several months in Mexico City writing a feature script slated for completion in 2018. When he is not immersed in a project, you can find him at home in New York City with his dog Pepino.