Carlos Danger was educated by a roving band of skateboarding warrior monks in the gritty slums of Palo Alto. They imposed a rigorous diet of Sci-Fi, Comedy, and B Monster Movies, supplemented by comics from all over the land. This training was extremely challenging, yet served as the base nourishment that Carlos’ body needed to transform into the filmmaker he is today.

After he could learn no more from his masters, he went on to wander Earth, landing as a mercenary-for-hire in Los Angeles. As a soldier in a VFX army, Carlos found immense satisfaction, with his skills finally being put to the test. He fought many battles, leading clans to glorious victory against insurmountable odds of cg animation, set extensions, matte paintings and nested comps. But Carlos grew weary as the satisfaction of fighting for others waned, and he mysteriously vanished from the VFX Wars.

Mr. Danger re-emerged after two years hiding in an undisclosed location, now directing his own special squad of the visual elite. Carlos has fought in many victorious battles for many different clans, helping all that require unbridled filmmaking at its finest.

Carlos Danger would like to give a special thanks to Godzilla, Boba Fett, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the X-Men for helping him through the rough times.