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Affectionately referred to as “The Animal Guy,” Uhry’s animal directorial experience stems from extensive study under animal trainers and behaviorists, as well as deep experience observing and training  behaviors. “It’s about more than my liking animals, it’s creating the right conditions in the first place and  then adjusting inputs to keep making the shot better” say’s Uhry. “If there’s time for training that opens up a whole world of possibility, but much can be achieved with simply the right approach on set and a bit of patience.” 

With a dedication to crafting stories grounded in reality, his work delivers a refreshing authenticity that brings to life  the deep connections with animals and humans. Decades of work range from mammals to bird and reptile shooting for top brands including Clio winning spots featuring a tree frog for Netflix, Shelter Dog’s being groomed for PetsMart, Giant Cat’s for Meow Mix, and a surfing dog for Visit California. His animal repertoire includes snakes, cats, leopards, grizzly bears, good dogs of all breeds, horses, dolphins, elephants, whales and bees. The signing comes on the heels of a collaboration between Rodeo Show and Uhry on a Nestle / Purina Fancy Feast campaign that launched this month