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Twico | Hot Dog

GE | Tornado in a Tutu
Feat. John Slattery

CHRYSLER | Cleaning
Feat. Kathryn Hahn

Johnnie-O | The Wolf


Michael was homeschooled for most of his formative years, and grew up in the Midwest before the age of cellphones. The oldest of four siblings, his extra dry sense of humor was largely misunderstood by his family, and resulted in him trekking to Los Angeles in search of meaning.

Then he discovered commercial directing, specifically comedy, and the rest is history. You’ll know when Michael knows something is funny, because you’ll see the little twinkle in his eye turn into a full-blown smirk. (At least that’s what his mom says.)

On a day off, you’ll perhaps catch Michael at the zoo with his 4-year-old daughter Lucy Leigh, or hanging with friends at a comedy show in many of the comedy clubs in Los Angeles. He loves telling a good story, so if you see him, ask about the “chocolate shake in Chicago,” or perhaps the “legend of demon dog bridge.”

Whatever job you’re looking for Michael to accomplish, he won’t disappoint. And if you see that twinkle or smirk, you’ll know whatever you’re working on together – it’s going to be extra good.

Michael Koerbel has been featured in Adweek, Creativity, SHOOT magazine, the New York TimesCNN, The Guardian, PBS, NPR, USA Today, and by Apple for his comedy work – as well as hundreds of other publications highlighting his work filming using the iPhone. He has traveled around the world on the topic, and has spoken at The Academy of Arts and Sciences, SAG, the DGA, TEDx, and SXSW. Check out Michael’s iPhone work here.