Him and Her is a sought-after directorial team comprised of renowned lifestyle photographers Kevin Zacher and Christa Renee. Their unique talents complement each other perfectly, resulting in an exceptional union that reliably delivers elusive ‘slice of life’ moments that never feel staged.

Their extensive experience coaxing authentic moments out of talent in hectic production environments for large-scale photo shoots, has given them a distinctive edge in their seamless transition to film. Zacher’s inherent ability to relate with talent and painlessly critique performances, coupled with Renee’s gift for making them forget they’re on set, gives their work a remarkably genuine quality that is unmatched by others.

Zacher honed his skills as principal photographer for Burton Snowboards. He quickly discovered he had an uncanny knack for capturing the sport’s most decisive moments and distinctive culture, while navigating perilous helicopter rides and dodging avalanches.

Renee comes from a more traditional background, with a photography degree from the Art Center in Pasadena. Her eye, energy and ability to capture honest moments have made her one of the most coveted commercial photographers working today.

Their ability to direct talent and create compelling, authentic and beautiful imagery is a hallmark of their work a seen in campaigns for Verizon, Gap, Coca Cola, American Express, Apple, Sony and more.