Stephan Hadjam

Stephan Hadjam

Meet Stephan Hadjam. He’s got a true lust for life and a passion for all things creative.

Stephan’s been pushing boundaries since he was 19. That’s when he left Germany on his own to move to Paris, where he attended film school, art school at the Louvre, and Parsons School of Photography – all at the same time.

Having grown up in Germany, spent many years in Paris, and lived in LA and NYC, Stephan truly feels like a world citizen, and he infuses this global sensibility into his work. His sophisticated, cinematic, and emotional approach to storytelling elevates brands and transports
audiences. Always curious and constantly seeking to feed his creativity, he draws his main inspiration from film, photography, music, art, traveling, his sons, and everyday life. Stephan has an elaborate understanding and interest for brand strategy and communication, which he loves to translate into film.

A cultural chameleon that can easily adapt to any environment and situation, Stephan works to build trusting relationships with clients and crew alike. His friendly, approachable,
and positive demeanor set the tone on every project, and he gets the most satisfaction out of surprising and being surprised. Because if he can surpass client expectations while inspiring the team around him to push their own boundaries to do great things, then he’s doing something right.

Stephan has directed transformative spots for brands like Samsonite, Samsung, L’Oreal, BMW, Heineken, Bayer and Purina. He wishes for more sustainability in existing and future brands and is thrilled to add his contribution to this challenging and necessary movement.